"Priscilla's tenacious commitment to accuracy and deadlines has provided the confidence we need in serving our client's bookkeeping requirements."
- Ross Gott, L Ross Gott III Professional Services

“As the owner of a small law firm, I know the value of a professional bookkeeper. Priscilla is everything a truly professional bookkeeper should be, bright, honest and efficient. And perhaps most importantly for a small businessman focused on delivering excellent client service, Priscilla spots potential problems before they arise. In short, she’s an indispensable part of my business.”
- Michael C. Mace, Esq.

"I want to take this chance to thank you for the forensic accounting and bookkeeping work you performed for me a few years back. As you probably recall, the case involved allegations of partnership fraud and my office represented one of the partners. Thanks to your diligence and expertise, we were able to trace the disappearance/theft of tens of thousands of dollars of partnership funds. It was a pleasure to work with you on the case. You consistently got your work done in a timely and efficient manner and brought a positive and creative energy to this difficult case. I would be happy to refer you and your professional services to whom ever needs them.
Best regards,
John B. Richard, Esq."
"In 1997, I suddenly lost my husband when he died instantly, leaving my 6 year old daughter and me shocked and dismayed. After the dust settled I was appointed to be the Administrator for my late husband's Estate; it was my responsibility to manage all the financial assets. 15 years later I was informed that I hadn't done as the court had remanded. Unknown to me, I had been required to appear bi-annually for an accounting of the assets to the court. In 2010 I contacted Priscilla Carpenter. She did an amazing job taking my old records and organizing them to make them understandable for the official accountants with the court. The accounting was approved and I was released from my duties as the Administrator. I shall be forever indebted to her. Priscilla was so professional and personal helping us to get the results needed."
- Kathleen Porter

"Priscilla is great at unwinding bookkeeping and accounting data, and creating the historical record so that we have been able to file complete tax returns and let the business owner know where they truly stand.
I have called on Priscilla to organize, enter and compile data for clients involved in litigation as I know I can count on her to achieve accurate and timely results."
- Phil Lapp, CPA