During the thirty-five years over which it has grown, Seacoast Bookkeeping has evolved from a full charge bookkeeping and consulting business to include the forensic bookkeeping and expert witness services of Priscilla Carpenter. Priscilla has gained experience and knowledge that makes her the top in her field. She has written the curriculum for the first Forensic Bookkeeper certification program for the American College of Forensic Examiner’s International. Seacoast Bookkeeping is a professional bookkeeping practice serving clients nationwide providing all full charge bookkeeping services and forensic bookkeeping services through expert witness testimony when required.

Over the years, bookkeeping systems have transitioned from manual ledger books and paper files to a combination of manual and computerized digital systems. A thorough understanding of these combined systems allows an experienced bookkeeper to enter any financial situation and be able to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness and identify wasteful spending. An experienced forensic bookkeeper has additional expertise to assess internal controls and areas of exposure to fraud.

"Priscilla has done my accounting and bookkeeping work for over 20 years. She is dead-accurate, rock solidly dependable and everything is done on time. Priscilla pays attention to the smallest details and keeps up to date. In all these years she has not made even the slightest error. She is a really wonderful person to work with and I trust her completely."

-Quentin Wahl, Executive