Seacoast Bookkeeping Services
Staffing Needs
As a small business owner, you may be doing your bookkeeping yourself or with a limited staff. Priscilla can help you evaluate your bookkeeping needs, whether it be a part or full time on-staff bookkeeping employee or an independent contractor. She can offer some human resources consulting services, such as reviewing resumes and developing interview questions specific to your business to help you hire the best qualified individual (s) to complete your staff. Priscilla is available for independent contract bookkeeping, or to train your staff – both on and off-site – and provide periodic oversight and review.
Record Keeping Systems
If you are unsure that your financial record keeping systems are as efficient, correct and up-to-date as you need them to be, Priscilla can evaluate and redesign your accounting systems to fit your business’s needs. Priscilla can help you build, clean up and maintain both digital and manual filing systems and can project the time requirements needed to keep up current and prospective systems.
She can also set up or evaluate current internal controls and areas of possible exposure to fraud or misstatement in existing systems. If necessary, Seacoast Bookkeeping can help you Institute changes to existing systems to be in compliance with standard internal control guidelines, assess management reporting requirements and develop corresponding reports.
Clean-up Bookkeeping and Internal Auditing
Often when starting up in a small business, an individual or partner does the bookkeeping themselves. As the business grows and a business owner’s time is claimed by other concerns, it can become difficult to keep the records up to date. Seacoast Bookkeeping can retroactively reconstruct your financial information, reconcile it all and compile it for financial statements, managerial purposes, budgeting and cash projection, and income tax return preparation. By using Priscilla’s services, you can go to your accountants, investors and/or partners organized and informed of your business’s financial situation.
In other cases, a bookkeeping employee may be in hired that does not have the necessary skill set to handle their job. This bookkeeper may be too embarrassed to admit their difficulty, fall seriously behind, and begin falsifying reports to save face. If the employer knows something is wrong but does not suspect fraud, Seacoast Bookkeeping knows where to look for proof of such a situation during hours that the employee is not on site. A brief review will reveal if this is truly incompetence with good intentions, or fraud leading to termination and litigation.
Details of Clean-up and Reconstructive Services
  • Review existing manual and/or computerized records.
  • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of current bookkeeping systems.
  • Assess the validity of numbers.
  • Retroactively reconstruct or reclassify transactions where needed.
  • Create new or improved computer and/or manual bookkeeping systems.
  • Create checklists, procedures manuals, and schedules for efficient bookkeeping systems.
  • Schedule periodic oversight and review either on site or through remote computer log in.
Other Projects and Services
  • Help with IRS audits to substantiate either your #’s or theirs.
  • Non profit or government accounting standards compliance for financial reporting.
  • If you haven’t filed a tax return in multiple years and need assistance in organization and reconstruction for tax return preparation.
  • In the event of fire/flood damage or other loss of records, reconstruction from the last tax return filed from duplicate bank, credit card, lease and loan statements and payroll records ,shipping and receiving documents from vendors and any other documentation available.
  • If your bookkeeper is out for an extended period Priscilla can come on site to assume their duties and keep your business up to date.