Seacoast Bookkeeping
Criminal Cases
In cases of suspected fraud, an attorney or C.P.A. is usually consulted – who in turn hires an independent forensic bookkeeper. By hiring a forensic bookkeeper, firms can save their clients money on professional fees and prevent the need to commit to excessive staff hours. Priscilla is experienced at assessing the scope of the project and providing an estimate of the time required to complete the project. This will help you manage the time to meet deadlines & deposition or court dates. Priscilla will handle all aspects of your project, from the initial interview with you and your client through expert witness testimony when required. All communications are discreet and professional.
Civil Cases
In any partnership dissolution (domestic or business) there is often a dispute over financial/property rights and other assets. An experienced forensic bookkeeper will dissect and compile all of the details of the partner’s shared finances and produce reports with which the accountant is able to provide a more accurate assessment to the client. Priscilla is experienced at assessing the scope of your project and the time required for completion, which will save your client the expense of professional fees and save you from committing excessive staff hours. Priscilla can handle civil cases independently or report directly to an accounting professional. After many years of experience, she is skilled at handling the logistics of gathering financial information and handling all details with sensitivity during a difficult time.
Other Cases
In the event that a family member is providing sole care for an elderly or disabled relative, they may feel entitled to help themselves to family assets. Priscilla is experienced at discreetly reviewing the financial information available to determine whether a confrontation is appropriate or necessary before family members undertake the uncomfortable job of confronting the individual and deciding on other professional health care.